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We help clients to negotiate, process and manage international trade deals. We consult both, the buyers and the sellers.

Trusted Counterparty

XIX International partners have been in the international trade business for a lenghty period of time to establish themselves as strong and capable business negotiators, executors, reputable and trusted business counterparties.

Diversified Approach

At XIX International we solve problems with persistance and resiliance. We can tackle the same matter with different solutions at the same time making the expected result outcome to have the highest chance of delivery.

Information Advantage

XIX International partners have an extensive network of international supply chain including emerging markets and developed markets. XIX International partners have established extensive connections and have a very large network of business enablers worldwide. At XIX International, we tend to get information first hand before it reaches the news.

Our Strategies

We assist clients to negotiate trade deals on their behalf in order to get clients into the most comfortable position during the contract period of time.

We get involved in supply chain management to process information and manage the trade flow more efficiently. In our trade deals, one of the party that we represent either the buyer or the seller, must have total control of the deal. Only by having total control, we can help clients to execute trade deals successfully. In supply chain management, we help clients to gain total control over product processing, logistics, warehousing and other related trade matters.

Depending who we represent, we help clients to get the best financial position of the trade deal, involving direct negotiations with client's counterparty and also the supply chain vendors and other suppliers.

Note: All figures as of October 16, 2023, unless otherwise indicated.
*As of October 16, 2023. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, and there can be no assurance that such returns will be
achieved, that the firm will achieve comparable results or be able to implement its investment strategy or achieve its investment objectives for clients. Capital raised amount represents all firm's partners combined capital raised for clients.

“We’re proud of our reputation as innovative, nimble and responsible trade consultants who enable clients to succeed in international markets.”