In Closed Deals with Buyers


Consulted Clients for International Trade Matters


We serve international large corporations and small private companies that buy large variaty of different products from emerging markets, especially the Middle East and Asia.

We provide top notch strategy, negotiation, processing and trade management services. On the other hand, we cover all major micro-processes of international trade deals.

Institutional and Public Companies

Large product buyers and importers including public companies face huge pressure and scrutiny from stakeholders when dealing in foreign markets. Security is priority. We help large companies to navigate foreign markets and we give guidance and recommendations on how to execute deals in the most proper manner.

Private Companies

Small businesses and larger private enterprises that facilitate deals as traders, agents, resellers or even sometimes end buyers, lack of access, network, knowledge and experience when it comes to dealing with producers and various international suppliers from foreign markets. We assist our clients at best to get their requirements done at the best pricing, in the smoothest way.